Bridging Corporate World and Human Resources

Management Summit

Since 1998 Top Rankers have an annual feature of organizing National workshop, which is largely attended by the participants from the corporate world, both private as well as public sectors and academia. One of the prominent features of the program is the presentation to Top Rankers Excellence Awards.

One of the prominent features of this program is the presentation of “Top Rankers Excellence Awards” at the time of inauguration of the program. The awards are given to recognize and honor deserving corporate and outstanding senior professionals in various management disciplines including HR, Marketing, Finance, IT and Operations etc. Some of categories of the awards are Top Rankers Excellence Legendary Award, Achiever Award, Organization Excellence Award, Women Role Model, Women Achiever, Organization of the Year (Public/Private) Award etc. and couple of excellence awards for Academia.

Following are some National Workshop's themes conducted by us:

  • Managerial Excellence in Millennium 2000
  • Organization Cultural Transformation Through Effective Leadership
  • Developing High Performance Organizations Challenges of Change & Uncertainties
  • Building Positive Work Culture for Organization Excellence
  • Architecting Business Excellence
  • Revitalizing Organization to Achieve Radical Gains
  • Winning Over Competition- Mantra for Success
  • Nurturing Human Capital For Building World Class Organization
  • Nurturing Leadership for Business Excellence
  • Talent Management - A way to Business Excellence
  • Evolution & Revolution for Collective Leadership for Organizational Excellence
  • Management Mantras for Business Excellence
  • Visionary Leadership for Powering Business Growth